Get set to experience the most thrilling experience of your life!

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be weightless? To dive through the water like a dolphin? To defy gravity, and shoot effortlessly into the sky?
Extreme sports fans, your search ends here. In our flyboard session, you will discover what it feels like to surf the sky!

Each session includes a 5-10 min class and we will spend the remainder of the time on the water. Anyone can master the flyboard! Even first time flyers will usually be up in the air within the first 5 to 10 minutes of their session!

From the extreme sports fanatics, to the first time adrenaline seekers, we understand that everyone’s skills and confidence levels are different. Each flyboard session is tailor made to the individual customer, and our instructors will be there to guide you through.

Your session will start on land, with a pre-flight safety briefing where you will learn the rules and basics of the flyboarding or hydroflight. Then we'll strap in and our instructors will show you how to surf the sky!

Through our training program, you will be shown basic control and tricks, including dolphin diving, 360+ degree turns, reverse bungees and more! For the extreme sports junkie, our freestyle time will allow you to show off your skills and burn some adrenalin with all the tricks you’ve mastered throughout the session!

We will provide

-All safety equipment (Lifejacket and Helmet) 
-Free Parking
-The most incredible time of your life!